Investment Lab

Investment Lab, as one of the divisions within KSPM FEB UI, has a main focus to improve the internal ability of KSPM members to compete in the world of capital markets. KSPM members will be prepared through a series of internal training specifically designed to strengthen analytical skills, risk management, and investment decision making. 

In addition, Investment Lab is also tasked with improving KSPM members’ knowledge and understanding of the capital market through research activities and sharing sessions that are held regularly. The Investment Lab will ensure each KSPM Member has the opportunity to exchange information, experiences, and views on the capital market, enriching their collective understanding of the industry.

Investment Lab plays an important role in supporting the vision and mission of the KSPM FEB UI in producing a generation in the field of capital markets. This division serves as a platform for KSPM members to hone their practical skills, broaden their knowledge of the capital market, and prepare themselves for future challenges and opportunities. 

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