Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Division has a crucial role in maintaining the sustainability and internal well-being of the organization. With its main focus on human resource development, HRD is responsible for ensuring that every functionary in KSPM gets the right attention to improve their capabilities and quality. This covers a wide range of activities, from employee training and development to periodic performance evaluations.

One of the main tasks of the HRD Division is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all functionaries in KSPM. This evaluation focuses not only on individual performance, but also on their welfare and needs as an integral part of the organization. Through a rigorous evaluation process, HRD can identify areas where improvements are needed and devise strategies to address the challenges faced by the functionaries.

Besides carrying out the evaluation function, the HRD Division is also responsible for the development and implementation of work programs that support the growth and development of KSPM functionaries. This involves designing and implementing those that are relevant to the goals and vision of the organization, as well as ensuring that each individual has fair access and equal opportunity to develop. Thus, the HRD Division not only maintains the internal balance of the organization, but also becomes a key driver in creating a productive and growth-oriented work environment.

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