Asset Management

The Asset Management Division is one of the divisions in the KSPM FEB UI organization which is under the auspices of the Research Department. This division consists of 6 active staff who have various work programs, focusing on stock analysis through a technical approach. This technical analysis is applied in several work programs designed to explore stock market movements and provide in-depth insight into emerging trends and patterns in the Indonesian capital market.

Apart from focusing on developing technical analysis knowledge, the Asset Management Division is also responsible for managing funds invested in shares in the capital market. Asset Management staff learn how to identify potential investment opportunities, create effective investment strategies, and monitor portfolio performance regularly. This practical experience gives members the opportunity to apply the theory they have learned, while also understanding market dynamics in real-time.

With a combination of theory and practice, the Asset Management Division strives to produce members who are competent and ready to face challenges in the world of capital markets. This division is not only a place to learn, but also a place for members to collaborate, share ideas, and develop the analytical and managerial skills needed for a career in the financial industry.

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